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Education AI Fellowship

This position is remote with quarterly/as-needed travel.

You bring many ideas to improve U.S. K-12 classroom teaching and student learning;
You have a strong interest in AI;
You’re a self-starter with a track record of driving change;
You’re excited to learn from testing and can iterate quickly.
If the above sounds like you, we strongly encourage you to apply. Teaching Lab is an equal-opportunity employer committed to reflecting the diversity of the students we serve. We pursue equity as both a means and an end and enthusiastically welcome candidates of all backgrounds to apply for this role. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Applicants must reside in the continental United States.

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Teaching Lab

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​Company Profile

We specialize in curriculum-based professional learning, using our evidence-based model of professional learning, coined Head, Heart, Habits, and Equity. We envision a world where teachers and students thrive together in communities that enable lifelong learning and meaningful lives.

In partnership with teachers, we transform professional learning from the ground up to dramatically improve student outcomes. We also work with school, district, and state leaders to create the instructional systems necessary to support these changes.

To shift systems for teacher professional learning, we recommend that partnerships with school systems extend over 3 to 5 years. We start by directly facilitating professional learning and then gradually passing the responsibility off to Lab Leaders through continuous coaching support. Eventually, systems run their own Labs and local Cycles independently.

Our model is based on the best educational research and years of experience using exceptional instructional materials with teachers. Our team of educators is committed to ensuring all students — especially students traditionally underserved by school systems — meet the academic and social expectations necessary to succeed now and in the future. Our partners believe in the power of great teaching to inspire students at all levels to learn and grow.

We are dedicated to building a teacher-led network that leverages grassroots organizing and research-based professional learning to serve all students, no matter their background or zip code.

We envision a teaching profession where educators own and drive a culture of learning and continuous improvement in their instructional practice, dramatically improving equitable student outcomes.

Job Type

Date Posted:


Nov 20, 2023

Salary Range


Education Requirement

Bachelors Degree

Company Email

Experience Needed

0-5 years

Job Summary

We’re looking for up to four Fellows to pursue our theses below and invent new, AI-powered solutions. As a Fellow, you’ll design experiments to determine what innovative UX + AI features support educators to shift their classroom practice and the student experience. You’ll determine which developments will make the greatest impact and see them through to completion. Our six thesis categories are the following: Teacher coaching to improve practice. AI-powered tools to enable high-impact classroom practice at scale; for instance, real-time teacher guidance tools. Adapt curriculum with rigor. Off-the-shelf curriculum is often unwieldy, ignores learning science, or is just dull. But modifying it risks losing rigor. AI can help each educator develop a personalized plan for their classroom. Student practice. Practice that includes immediate, quality, bite-sized feedback — with an opportunity to iterate — drives learning, but few students get feedback since it is so time-consuming to create. Fixing that could transform K-12. Learning in groups. Much of human learning happens in groups. But learning in school seldom happens in groups because it is hard to organize and make effective. New tools to solve that would promote greater learning. Augmented tutoring. Human tutoring has variable impact and is expensive. Augmenting it with better resources, insights on student thinking, and ML could revolutionize intelligent tutoring to be responsive to student engagement and core instruction. Make it Coherent: Tools and products that aren’t knit together will not improve instructional coherence. AI tools can improve coherence across learning management systems, curriculum products, assessment products, and other tools that teachers use. Examples of your activities include: Recruit the talent you need to pursue the thesis; Identify the needs, preferences, and pain points of end-users (teachers or students) via research, interviews, or observations; Engage in ideation, resulting in several well-formed hypotheses around improving classroom practice; Design experiments to gather user feedback and measure learning; Oversee the development of one or more product prototypes; Test your prototype with teachers and/or students; Continuously iterate your prototype based on the feedback you collect during your experiments; Unlock follow-on capital based on your progress; and Most importantly, gather learnings that will inform future hypotheses and the roadmap of your prototype(s).

How To Apply

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